CheapOair Review- Cheap Airfare, Car Rentals, and Hotels

These days online air ticket booking, renting a car, hotel reservations has made life a lot easier. There are quite a few reputed websites that offer the services. But there are also new players in the market that offer the same and sometimes even better offers. However, finding which is good among them is a struggle, isn’t it? Not anymore, there is CheapOair.

In this article, I will give you insights on CheapOair and the services provided by you. I will give you the pros and cons as well. Let’s dive into it.


CheapOair offers discounts on the website ranging from $10 to $15. Of course, this is not a huge discount. But on the bright side, as their fare prices are almost same as other websites, this discount is an added bonus. It is what sets them apart. It is the reason they offer the best rates on the market.

They give a $10 money-back guarantee if you can find a cheaper hotel reservation and air tickets.

A $5 inconvenience coupon is also given to you if your flight is delayed for more than an hour. You will get this coupon also if your baggage is lost, or delayed as well. These two coupons need to be submitted within twelve hours of the booking of your flight, or the occurrence of the baggage delay or flight delay.

One unique feature of the website is that they give you rates and reservations on airport parking. This is a feature not offered by other websites, that makes it even better.

CheapOair offers 24/7 customer support. You will get updates via email on travel deals. It is a very user-friendly site that also has international travel listings.


  • $10 money back guarantee if you can find a cheaper air ticket or hotel reservation
  • $5 inconvenience coupon in the case of your flight delay and baggage loss or delay
  • A wide variety of automatic discount coupons ranging from $10-$15
  • Rates and reservations offered on airport parking


  • Sometimes false rates and discounts are reported by customers
  • Customer service is not up to the mark

Final Opinion:

CheapOair is a perfect website for you if you are looking for some extra discounts on your air ticket booking, hotel reservation, and car rentals. They let you save a few extra bucks on your budget. Although you need to do your research properly before making a final decision as there are some negative issues as well. So, look deeply into the offer before you go on board.

Time to put an end to the article. I hope it was helpful and enjoyable. Thanks for reading!

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